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Using Amazon Alexa in healthcare


Personal digital assistants such as Alexa can be a great boon for people in relation to boosting their health and wellbeing, especially those with long term conditions such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular issues and those who are isolated at home.


Our digital reach programme has underpinned our allocation of Alexa Echo Shows to needy patients who can potentially benefit from them and appreciate their ability to make video calls to friends and family, access trusted information about their health and lifestyle, and fix regular reminders for taking medication.


Take a look at the resources that we’ve produced to help support people to get the most out of their Alexas.


Amazon Alexa Echo Show

An unofficial guide for patients and carers

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getting started

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smoking cessation 





Using Alexa to help people with their wellbeing

Setting up, instructions and tips, how to make calls and getting to grips with Skills. How to get the most out of an Amazon Echo Show with built in Alexa and how it can help you to boost health and wellbeing.



















Using Alexa and the 'my diabetes' skill

How to install and use the 'my diabetes' skill.




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