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Digital General Practice Nurse Champion Action Learning Sets: Increasing confidence, capability and competence to undertake remote, safe triage and delivery of technology enabled care

The digital GPN champion action learning sets (ALSs) for upskilling and adoption of technology-enabled care have been rolled out nationally to ‘embed and deliver a radical upgrade in prevention’ through provision of training and resources, empowering GPNs to develop as champions for technology enabled care services (TECS) and drive up reported efficiency and clinical benefits. The substantive focus on enhancing patient engagement is aimed at increasing patient concordance and compliance with their treatment and redressing adverse lifestyle habits through behavioural change.

The course develops the digital skills of GPNs to expand their knowledge and implementation of digital tools to reach their patients. The programme enables and normalises the use of digital technology tools in a general practice setting as usual service building on current drive of digital primary care transformation. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the programme has an emphasis on digital technology for video consultation.

The main aims for GPN participants are:

  • To become digital champions using at least two modes of digital technology/digital tools with patients in their practice, for example, social media for population health messaging, closed Facebook Groups, telehealth, video consultation, trusted apps to support patients with long-term conditions (LTCs) and/or adverse lifestyle habits.

  • Improved access to service information by patients and intelligent use of GP/Patient Online/NHS app (e.g. those with long term conditions utilising access to their medical records to enhance their understanding of their health condition and treatments/tests)

  • Reduction in proportion of face to face consultations e.g. substitution by video consultation, online clinical triage, texting

  • Increase in access to self-care information and then shared management of long term condition e.g. via interactive texting, trusted apps, assistive technology

  • Consistent professional approach to TEC/digital tools by practice nurses and other clinicians across the health economy.

  • Enthusiastic clinical engagement in digital delivery of practice nursing care

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