E Stethoscope

The THINKLABS ONE digital stethoscope

We have an innovative programme focussing on the adoption of the Thinklabs One digital stethoscope that can enable clinicians to examine the heart and lungs of a patient via a remote consultation. So a carer will initiate the capture of heart and/or breath sounds whilst they are in person-to-person contact with a patient- maybe in their own home or a Care/Nursing Home. They then place the digital stethoscope on the front of the patient’s chest or their back relaying the outputs from the device to the clinician who receives the recordings in realtime or reviews them later.

Take a look at the learning videos we collated for Staffordshire GPs and other clinicians to consider using the ThinkLabs one digital stethoscope for remote consultation- eg GP with patient in remote location such as a Care Home, listening to the patient’s heart and/or lungs with an option to record the sounds and wave patterns.

Please click on the stethoscope image to the right to view the webinar.

We had 146 GPs & others join our series of webinars and most then went on to trial a digital stethoscope in their NHS setting.

That links to to our ‘How to guide’ written & prepared by the same clinicians who feature in the webinar; with some material from the ThinkLabs One company.


Here is a video case study that shows how the E-stethoscope can be used between a GP surgery and nursing/care home environment: