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In this section of the website you will find documents relating to Cardiovascular disease.


Shared management plan Blood pressure control

(patients with diabetes or CKD and/or ACR≥ 70 mg/mmol)

Shared management plan Blood pressure control 

(patients without diabetes or CKD and/or ACR≥ 70 mg/mmol)

Shared management plan to confirm whether

or not patient has hypertension

(opportunistically noted raised blood pressure)

Cardiovascular disease webinar

View the webinar showing the use of digital aids to underpin

delivery of care for patients with cardiovascular conditions

across Staffordshire NHS settings and in London too.

Exercise videos

We have a range of videos prepared by the

Royal Stoke cardiac (heart) rehabilitation team.

These videos are not just for people with heart problems

or after a heart attack but can be used if you are getting your

strength back after a nasty illness or operation or simply just

to keep fit and your joints supple.

Benefits of remote monitoring for blood pressure

Since the pandemic, there has been a rapid switch to healthcare being provided virtually. Patients are being asked to submit measurements about their health to enable healthcare professionals to monitor their health. This video describes the benefits of remote monitoring:

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