clinicians - Pulmonary rehabilitation via
virtual reality project

Intro to pulmonary rehabilitation via virtual reality project

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a specifically designed exercise

programme that teaches the muscles and body of a patient with

a chronic lung condition to use less oxygen (fuel) to perform the

same function. Pulmonary rehabilitation in virtual reality is a new programme specifically developed for people living with COPD

(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It uses a head worn

virtual reality headset to display images and teach people to perform structured exercise to help their condition. We are piloting this in around 30 general practices in Staffordshire for patients with moderate or severe COPD. Take a look at the patient information leaflet in our resource section to learn more about the delivery of the new service.

The pilot is being provided by Concept Health Technologies led by

Dr Farhan Amin and evaluated by academics from Manchester Met University.

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