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Intro to digital aids for smoking cessation


We are hoping to engage the general population of Staffordshire

with digital delivery of animation, apps, videos of case studies –

focused on positive and diverse ways of achieving smoking cessation.

This is relevant during COVID19 crisis and ongoing afterwards.


So we are:


1. Creating animations depicting successful smoking cessation; upload these on public Facebook pages of 113 general practices across Staffs; promote Councils’ commissioned stop smoking services.


2. Capturing positive case studies as videos of willing patients who have successfully stopped smoking – and upload to public Facebook pages of general practices


3. Creating WhatsApp groups (x2) for those who have recently stopped smoking to provide peer to peer support; advertise the opportunity on public Facebook pages of 113 general practices. Experienced practice nurses will be supported to run their own WhatsApp groups and sign up patients.


4. Creating an augmented reality app depicting likely state of the lungs in future years, if individual continues smoking – their ‘orrible looking lungs (produced by Virtual Health Shed).


5. Showcasing assistive technology options (Bag of Trix) to capture everyday products that are readily available for self-purchase focused on medication adherence reminders/ quit smoking motivation; many of those who would benefit for smoking cessation will not have realised the potential benefits.

Alexa flashcards

Alexa isn’t specifically designed to stop people smoking,

but it can help.These flashcards are intended to give patients

ideas and get them started.

WhatsApp guide 

A practical guide to using WhatsApp Messenger for a nurse to

run a smoking cessation group for their patients eg new quitters

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